Organic CBD Cream

Our Origins

The story of Luminous began in Eastern Europe in the 1980s, where our founder, Dana Madievsky, graduated from pharmacy school. In Europe, pharmacists not only dispense and compound medications but also create cosmetic creams, tinctures, and serums. As a young pharmacist, Dana’s dream was to use her knowledge of chemistry, biology, and physiology to handmake her own skincare line using only the finest ingredients.

After immigrating to America in the 1990s, Dana opened her own compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles. Working closely with clients firsthand, Dana developed a keen sense of what people want from their skincare products, and what many of those products are unable to deliver. She became frustrated with the impure ingredients utilized by many skincare lines and their lack of transparency with their clients. At the same time, she was fielding requests from dermatologists to create safe and effective skincare products that they could recommend to their patients. As a pharmacist with extensive experience with natural products, herbs, and dermatology, Dana felt that she was in a unique position to offer clients skincare solutions. She teamed up with her daughter Ruth, who is both a pharmacist and a poet, to create Luminous: a skincare line that uniquely blends art and science.

Natural CBD Products

Luminous is a paraben-free and collagen-based skincare line that uses vitamins, antioxidants, and natural oils such as marula, baobab, copaiba, and pracaxi to combat signs of aging, promote skin elasticity and hydration, and highlight skin’s natural glow. Our ingredients have both immediate and long-term regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Vegan CBD Products

We use high percentages of plant-based ingredients in all our skincare products. Our eye serum is 100% vegan. We also believe in the benefits of collagen for revitalizing the skin. Collagen is an animal-based protein that does not naturally exist in plants yet our bodies naturally make. 

Handmade CBD Products

Luminous products stimulate our natural collagen production, filling in fine lines, reducing scars, and promoting health from within. Our products are handmade with care in the United States and are never tested on animals.

RX Approved CBD

Luminous can be used by people of all skin types and features proven products to keep your skin nourished, healthy, and moisturized from head to toe.